🚀 Elevate Your Forex Trading with our Premium Profit Making Automated Bot - 
" SONY PullBack Pattern.🚀

🔥 Key Features :
Incorporates 6 cutting-edge indicators for precise trading signals.
Advanced News Filter for strategic decision-making.
Utilizes state-of-the-art anti-volatility technology for steady gains.
Executes fully automated trades based on Bank Accumulation, Distribution & Manipulation strategy
Compatible with a wide range of major forex pairs (Multi-Currencies)
Simplified installation with just one chart needed.
Employs 6 potent built-in trading strategies for maximum flexibility
SONY PullBack Pattern. : Start with as low as $500 - $1000 for entry OR 10$ in cent Account.
Intelligent protection system ensures your investments stay secure.

💰 Equity Requirement : Begin with a minimum of $200, though $500 is recommended. For significant results, consider starting with $1000. OR 10$ in cent Account.

Built in More Feature.
  1. Works in any Market Condition.
  2. It can make daily profits up to 0.5-1.5%, weekly profits up to 4%, and monthly profits up to 20%. And you can start as low as $50, $250 or $500, depending on the broker.
  3. Identifies exactly when to enter and exit a trade for maximum profit!
  4. Relies on strict money management principles to consistently grow your earnings!
  5. Automatically searches for counter trends between the monthly and 1 minute time frames.
  6. Self checking logic when/if you set an input incorrectly.
  7. The EA has a function called “Auto Lot Size”, so if you turn it on to “True”, it will automatically increase the lot size with higher equity.
  8. If you turn it on to “False”, it will place fixed lot size, e.g. 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 lots, etc.

Highly Optimized Settings.
  1. Low Risk, High Reward.
  2. ECN support.
  3. News & Time filters.
  4. 12 Selectable Strategies.
  5. Can Trade Any Style.
  6. Money Management Feature.
  7. Works With Most Major Pairs.
  8. Safe Trading with High impact News, No Problem with High Economic News.
  9. Don't Close" EA" on High / Red Impact.

Trading @ : All instruments, but can be traded on virtually any charts. There are a few pairs we recommend avoiding in the setup guide.
  • All Trade open with Stop Loss, Take Profit, Trailing Stop and Break Even
  • ROBOT is Use full in All Brokers, All Account Types, All Leverage, All Spreads, All Currencies
  • Target average signal yield 100% to 300% per year. But deviations are possible, both up and down.
  • Maximum Draw Down : 10 - 30%

integrated whole feature.
  • Highly effective money management rules customized based on your risk profile.
  • Minimum Deposit Required : $10 (in cent account)
  • Minimum Deposit Required : $666 or More (in Standard account).
  • Use "VPS" Server 24/7.Recommended "UK" Location.
  • A low latency VPS is always recommended.
  • EA attach any one Currency Pair OR Different currency pair.
  • Any time frame,
  • Any Brokers type MT4 / MT5,
  • Any spread type,
  • Any Account type,
  • Leverage : Positional / Swing Trading For Any Leverage type. For intraday Trading : 1:200 or Up to
  • All custom setting available in EA.