What is investor or read only password ?
The read-only password for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a password that allows users to access the platform in a read-only mode. This means users with the read-only password can view the trading account and analyze its performance, but they cannot execute any trading operations or make changes to the account settings.

Keep in mind that the read-only password is different from the investor password. The investor password allows someone to log in and view the account but not trade. It's important to handle passwords with care and only share them with trusted individuals.

MT4/5 Login Password is Available.

Login id


Server Name

MT4 : 22594549



MT5 : 311586469


XMGlobal-MT5 7

We didn't keep the Real Account because our users were using it as a signal by listing our real account on other social media. so we have removed the Real Account from here. 
You can then check our real accounts on our Myfxbook profile.

Trading information in these Login Accounts.
  • Currency Pairs : AUD/CAD
  • Account Type : Standard MT4 / MT5
  • Trading Strategy : intraday, Average Trade and Smart Grid,
  • Earning Per Month : 3% to 9%
  • No Gambling.
  • Good Risk Management without Greedy Emotion.
  • It is a Long Term Trading Program.
  • Reasonable Consistent Profit.
  • No holding Trade weekend Maximum.
  • Draw-down of not more than 30%
  • Win trade rate of at least 80% to 95%
  • Risk & Reward Ratio = 1:5
  • Consecutive losses = 1
  • Consecutive wins = 5

If you are not able to Download MT4 or MT5 from Google play store then you can download from this link. Download Also PCs, smartphones, Tablets, Windows, Linux, web Terminal, Android, iOS  web platform.