What is Auto Trading?
Auto Trading SystemAuto Trading is a trading type that use computer-based softwares to automatically execute trading actions in forex market.

Automated trading is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Being able to trade forex automatically is important when you are working with a solid strategy.

Me and my Programmer Finally Managed to create a Perfect Auto Trading Software Metatrader 4 & 5. Whose name is " SONY PullBack Pattern."

Finally, a complete, high-performance EA that consistently outperforms the market by employing 12 proven forex trading strategies.

Here's live proof of a profit of "+41948.7%" or more from completely automated trading.....
This Pullback Pattern Is Being Used In The Forex Market For Quick Low-Risk Profits.

Here's live proof of a profit of "+41948.7%"

Here's some real-life proof of risk (-14.7 percent Risk)
Here's some real-life proof of risk (-14.7 percent Risk)

Profit From Trading That Is Completely Automated........

Profit From Trading That Is Completely Automated........

You MUST be aware of a simple discovery in the Forex charts.

Scalping in the Forex markets, when done correctly, may be one of the most rewarding and, in certain situations, the safest ways to make a lot of money. If you're unfamiliar with scalping, it's a way of taking trades for short periods of time and profiting quickly, then repeating the process. However, there are a number of inherent hazards and concerns with some scalpers that make it extremely difficult to pull off. Not all scalpers are created equal.

  1. Some scalpers have no stop loss or have a stop loss that is too high.
  2. Some scalpers trade quickly, resulting in a loss of control that might quickly deplete an account (a scalper shouldn't have to trade regularly).
  3. The stop loss and take profit for some scalpers are extremely tight. Many brokers will slide trades or have excessively wide spreads, causing you to lose a large number of deals that should have been profitable, thereby rendering this form of scalper ineffective.
Because of those three reasons, many scalpers don't work, but a simple finding within the movement of a trend allowed me to make a breakthrough that practically eliminated the conventional hazards of scalping.

Perfect Auto Trading System

Perfect Auto Trading System

This graph depicts a strong trend that was followed by a momentary reversal and then a continuation of the trend.
If you're not sure what this means, it's essentially the pricing of a currency moving in one direction, pausing, and then continuing. It is not necessary for you to know how to read or utilise this.

All you need to know is that when a trend is strong enough, it can sometimes experience a momentary reversal. This provides the system with an opportunity to profit from the trend's continuation.

This is done on a shorter timeline in order to select out transactions that are quick, accurate, and profitable. The scalping system I devised monitors, recognises, and trades on this precise pattern for quick and simple profits with minimal risk.

As a result of this, I created my automatic scalping technique for the Forex markets, which I named...

SONY PullBack Pattern.

"SONY PullBack Pattern" is a fully automated Forex trading robot for the Meta Trader 4/5 platform, which is given free of charge by the majority of Forex brokers.

Moving averages, price action, and other strong techniques are used by the robot to discern trends on the chart. It won't look for weak trends; instead, it'll look for strong ones.

When a certain type of pullback occurs in the opposite direction, the system uses an intelligence algorithm to evaluate whether it is transient or signals the start of a continuation pattern.

The "SONY PullBack Pattern" outperforms the majority of scalpers. Let's talk about the 5 reasons why "SONY PullBack Pattern" succeeds when others fail. They're here...
  1. The "SONY PullBack Pattern" ensures a safe and controlled trading frequency. This indicates that your account balance is secure. Many scalpers are frequent, which almost always ends in disaster.
  2. To prevent successful trades from becoming losing positions, the "SONY PullBack Pattern" employs a specific profit lock algorithm. This algorithm employs a number of signs and computations to determine when it is best to lock in gains.
  3. A complex exit technology is used in "SONY PullBack Pattern." A stop loss is placed as a safety net, however it is rarely used due to more profitable exit chances occurring earlier.
  4. The trade exits for the "SONY PullBack Pattern" aren't so small that the system succumbs to minimal slippage, which is a problem that many scalpers suffer.
  5. While trading, the "SONY PullBack Pattern" keeps things under control. It will only trade during particular volatilities, circumstances, and price action positions. Its trading entries and exits are not random; rather, they are meticulously calculated.

Let me clear the air if you are unfamiliar with these phrases or are unsure whether or not you can use this programme........

Market Situations.
Every few months, market conditions change dramatically. The most of the time, modest adjustments are made, however substantial changes are made on occasion.
Governments are frequently the ones who modify policies and manipulate currency. At other times, the market is pushed by banks and other large participants.

Changes in market conditions can occur for a variety of reasons. What matters most is how "SONY PullBack Pattern" responds to such shifts.

"SONY PullBack Pattern" is able to easily navigate changes and adjust thanks to a unique intelligent trading algorithm.

Allow me to demonstrate it to you right now...

The "SONY PullBack Pattern" Has Worked For Years And Will Continue To Work In The Future, Here's Why (PROOF)...

I evaluated the "SONY PullBack Pattern" going back ten years with 90.30 percent quality tick data (the highest quality historical data you can find).
  1. These simulations show you and me exactly how the programme would have traded if it had been left alone for ten years.
  2. The Forex markets are always evolving, and over a ten-year period, you may expect a lot of changes. Because "SONY Pull Back Pattern" has thrived and profited for the past ten years, you can be confident that it can and will adapt to whatever market changes may arise.

Strategy Tester Report : SONY Pull Back Pattern. (Build 950)
BACK TEST : 10 Years Deposit : $100, Profit : $513586.76

Strategy Tester Report. SONY PullBack Pattern.V4.1(Build 950)
Strategy Tester Report. SONY PullBack Pattern.V4.1(Build 950)

The "SONY PullBack Pattern" is unusual in its capacity to respond to shifting market conditions.
The system turned $100 into $513586.76 by taking a relatively safe risk.

You're probably thinking, "This looks fantastic," but why don't you keep it for yourself and disappear to a private island, never to be seen again?

Perfect Auto Trading System
Perfect Auto Trading System

Perfect Auto Trading System


I'll demonstrate the performance of the " SONY PullBack Pattern." with various brokers and settings.

Hundreds of deals can be made in a week, but just a dozen or a handful can be made in a day.

However, you will be successful in the long run if you can get more good transactions than negative trades on average.

It's just an issue of locating the appropriate brokers and specifications. Live Result Click Here

  • A highly profitable method that allows you to make up to 500 pips per day.
  • Work in a variety of timeframes.
  • It can be used at any time of day or night.
  • You can work from anywhere on the planet.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world with any Broker.
  • No prior trading experience is required.
  • Metatrader 4/5 platform is supported.
  • All Forex currency pairs, All CryptoCurrency pairs, All Commodores, All Metals, All Indexes, and All Stocks are supported.
  • You won't need any technical, fundamental, or currency understanding to use it.