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Will XAUUSD's momentum be stopped by persistent inflation rates?
  1. Since the end of the previous year, there has been talk of a rate decrease, and Fed Chair Jerome Powell has said that one may occur this year. Fed President Kashkari, however, downplayed the likelihood, pointing out that the rate cut may be abandoned due to the decreasing pace of deflation.
  2. Although the core CPI (Mar) (YoY) was stable at 3.8%, the US CPI (YoY) was at 3.5%, the fastest pace in the previous six months.
  3. The markets' expectations of rate decreases at the FOMC meeting in June have changed as a result of the releases; as of this week, the chance of keeping the rate has risen sharply to 81.4% from 42.6%.
  4. Since breaking above 2,200 USD per troy ounce, XAUUSD has continued to rise and has not yet shown signs of a possible trend change.
  5. The price of XAUUSD can hit the next psychological barrier at about 2,400 USD per troy ounce if it continues to rise.
  6. On the other hand, should the price close below 2,300 USD, XAUUSD can go back to 2,200–2,225 USD per troy ounce.

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