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While major Wall Street banks lose $100B in 2023, the market cap of bitcoin increases by 60%
Charts indicate that Gold is declining, but not outright, as it is currently just below $1,800.
Oil increases for a second day due to supply concerns
Nearly $5 billion was lost by investors due to Bitcoin; will it recover?
Bitcoin investors who purchased it in early 2021 are still losing money
Experts predict that Bitcoin could drop to $10k in the next months
In the face of tighter industry regulations, sex workers are turning to cryptocurrency
After tapping 44.18 percent, 47.71 percent BTC dominance is a possibility
WeWork Co-Founder Adam Neumann Has a Latest Crypto Project
Bitcoin has dropped more than 50% from its all-time high as the cryptocurrency market continues to fall
The dollar has stabilised near a two-year high, but China's growth outlook has been harmed by trade restrictions
Ethereum Price Prediction: $3,500 is the target
New York has ordered Bit license crypto firms to pay annual assessment fees
Today's forex news : The dollar is on track to have its best weekly closing in two years
Oil prices have fallen as a result of worse economic indicators from China and Japan
Ahead of the US CPI release, the dollar rises on high yields